I'm a proud country boy from Suffolk, England. A beautiful place filled with kind, unpretentious and adventurous people. As such, I believe everybody has something to contribute, and am committed to investing in people and operating with fairness & balance.

I spent much of my younger life traveling through Africa on long overland adventures. With little formal schooling, these years of experience served as an alternative education of sorts. One that I believe has equipped me with unique ways of solving problems (not to mention unique ways of creating them!).

I love working with buildings and currently I am restoring the old Crown Brewery building in downtown Cincinnati. Nothing beats building things, and breathing new life into buildings and neighborhoods.

In 2012, as a way to return to my roots in travel, I founded Roadtrippers, a mobile & web app that aims to build better maps for travel & exploration. Roadtrippers has been a huge success, helping millions of people explore the world or their surroundings every month.